Heating the house

Hi everybody,
I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to keep the temperature in the house (I live in Torrevieja, south Costa Blanca) above the freezing point?
Since we do not have any kind of central heating and we only have one air-conditioning in the living room the temperature in all the other rooms in the house drops extremely, especially at night.
Does anyone have a cheap idea how to keep the bedrooms and all other rooms warm at night? I believe it will get even colder in day-times in winter. Does anyone have experiences with the temperatures down here on the southern Costa Blanca? How cold does it get around Torrevieja in Winter time?
Any suggestions on adequate heating systems solutions for houses in Spain?

Greetings to all fellow Spain-Lovers.

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  1. I have the same problem in the house that we live in near the Park of Nations, Torrevieja. The main problem for us was that there were too many gaps in windows, under doors and vents letting out the heat which once repaired made a hell of a difference. However, the houses here are built to keep the heat out! So we do suffer during the winters if they are cold. Like Dean says above, gas heaters are probably the best way to heat the home, there are small panel heaters that are low consuming electric heaters which are available in Carrefour and other hardware shops. Good luck!

  2. Dean says:

    Hi Spain-Lover,
    the most cost effective way would be to buy one of those ovens offered in about every super market in Spain. They cost about 99,00 Euros and run on propane gas. They realy heat up the house and a bottle of gas cost about 11,00 – 13,00 euros. Usualy all filling stations sell gas bottles and when you buy 3 or more you can exchange them once or twice a moth, depending on your heating habits.
    Using the air conditioning for heating throughout the cold season will make you poor, that's a fact.
    Greetings, Dean

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